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Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Energy Assessments

Did you know that buildings produce nearly half of the UK’s carbon emissions?  That’s almost twice that of cars and planes.  The way a building is constructed, insulated, heated, ventilated and the type of fuel used, all contribute to its carbon emissions. 
With the changes to Part F and F2 in October 2012, there has been increased demand on energy efficiency with an additionald 25% reduction on CO2 levels from the previous version in 2006.  atbec ltd can provide consultancy at design stage to find the most cost effective way of achieving compliance for the client.  All our assessors are fully accredited and can provide a service from start to finish including "as Designed" and "as Built" SAP with a lodgement of EPC at the final completion.  This can also be done on a commercial level with the SBEM software.
Standard Assessment Protocol (SAP)Part F1 Dwellings
Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) 
For new dwellings the assessment quantifies both the energy consumption and COemissions reflected in fundamentals such as:  
  • Materials.
  • The overall thermal efficiency of the building envelope.
  • Ventilation and lighting.
  • The impact of solar gain.
  • The control of the heating system and its primary fuel source.
  • The introduction of renewables.
  • The overall quality of the construction.
Using a notional building of the same size, shape and location to the dwelling in question the software will calculate the emissions and these will be referred to as the Target Emission Rate (TER).  The calculation is then repeated on the designed house to generate the Dwelling Emission Rate (DER).  Compliance is achieved when the DER does not exceed the TER. 
Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) Part F2 Buildings Other Than Dwellings
Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) 
For all buildings other than dwellings the Building Emission Rate (BER) can be equal to, or less than the Target Emission Rate (TER).  As with a dwelling, the overall ‘make up’ of the building is addressed when calculating the BER while specific attention is focused on the wider array of HVAC/M&E services found in, for example, a hospital or school.
  • Achieve the TER
  • Minimum levels of acceptable standards
  • Limiting the effects of solar gain.
  • Quality of Design, construction and commissioning of services
  • Provision of Information
In the event that a SAP or SBEM calculation is failing to demonstrate compliance, ATBec Limited assessors will begin a process of dialogue aimed at applying realistic and achievable improvements.  This could involve looking at any of the factors used in the calculation including air tightness but it's important to note that we will always consider how workable this will be when the scheme is on site. 
Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) 
Upon the construction, sale or rental of any building, be it new or existing, an EPC will need to be provided by a fully trained and qualified assessor. Being members of the BRE accreditation scheme, one of those approved by the Government, we are in a position to develop an assessment strategy for any building irrespective of its size or complexity. 
Upon request we are happy to provide you with full details on the approved methodology for the delivery of EPC’s and their subsequent lodgement on the Governments national database, Landmark: 
  • New Build Dwellings, apartments and places of residence.
  • New Build commercial properties up to Level 4.
  • Existing Dwellings, apartments and places of residence.
  • Existing commercial properties up to Level 4.
Note: Level 4 relates to new and more complex existing buildings with substantial air conditioning systems that can be modelled using SBEM. 
The Code for Sustainable HomesCode for Sustainable Homes 
The Code for Sustainable Homes (click on logo for more details) is the national standard for the sustainable design and construction of new homes in the social housing sector. Using 9 sustainable design criteria, the Code measures the ‘whole home’ as a complete package. 
With our knowledge we can assist in identifying cost effective measures that can seamlessly be introduced into the construction process. Our involvement from the earliest stage in the scheme enables ATBec Limited to provide realistic integrated proposals that minimise the risk of non-compliance and therefore unnecessary expenditure. 
The Code for Sustainable Homes 

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