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Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Accoustics & Thermographics

Accoustics & Thermographics The changes to the Building Regulations in October 2012 Part G Resistance to the Passage of Sound have introduced a need for pre-completion sound testing between dwellings and apartments both airborne and impact.

In August 2013 atbec ltd gained UKAS accreditation for pre-completion testing as required by the building regulations.

In addition to our site testing, we can provide accoustic consultancy at design stage to assess if the partition can achieve the values required under the building regulations to ensure the most cost effective method.

Using only calibrated equipment and following all approved methodologies we provide:

  • Airborne acoustic testing
  • Impact acoustic testing



Be it a scheme within the social housing, education or health sectors, atbec will be happy to advise you on matters relating to material suitability, acoustic strategies or, on existing buildings, develop retrofit improvements.

Thermographic Imaging

Atbec use thermography in building diagnostics to see the areas of heat loss, in order to accurately direct the repair investment into the right location.  Actually seeing the heat escaping can not only help in finding insulation problems and thermal bridging, but can also help determine air leakage paths and locate areas of moisture. This is an invaluable tool in trouble shooting problem buildings, used by professionals for years and we are proud to offer this service as part of our portfolio.

Thermographic Imaging

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