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Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Room Integrity Testing

ICT installationsOur locally based engineers provide room integrity testing to any size enclosure. We undertake all initial volumetric calculations and run the tests in strict accordance with the NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520 methodologies. With a diverse range of clients including installers, Facilities Managers, Government and healthcare departments we have experience of all enclosure types ranging from turbine halls in power stations to single rooms.


Should the result, delivered within 10 minutes of the completed test, indicate a failure to meet the target retention time, a process of leakage diagnosis will be undertaken. Junctions between the floor, walls and roof deck will be checked as will all service penetrations through the enclosure and a report issued outlining the remedial works required to achieve compliance.


The following are further illustrations of typical causes of failure. The raised access floor and its associated finish do not assist in the retention of gas so all voids below the floor line need to be correctly sealed. These could include service penetrations and plasterboard that has been left shy of the floor slab. Naturally the problems found below the floor could also be found above the ceiling grid and an inspection will be required to isolate the problems. In some instances, as with the two outer images below, a panel could hide many problems. 

Room intergity testing Room intergity testing Room intergity testing


Air SealingAir Sealing and Fire Stopping

Using the knowledge gained from testing over 500 installations atbec can readily put together a priced schedule of works aimed at achieving the required retention time.

  • Swift diagnosis
  • Clear and concise pricing
  • Reduced contractors in critical and/or sensitive areas
  • All engineers in full PPE and clearly identifiable to staff
  • CSCS/ SafePass trained
  • Repeat testing undertaken at no extra cost through to completion
  • All works carried out using non hazardous materials

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